Welcome to Milano!

Me and Pete

Me and Pete at Malpensa airport

Pete, my colleague and friend from work, helped me with setting up my blog and made sure that I had her contact in Milan. It felt great to be greeted by she and Carmen (friend from Milano).  I get a crash course in Milano life as we drive over to drop Pete off at Malpensa so that she can catch her flight to Cairo.



Hi I’m Toya. I was born and raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Fashion has been calling me for years now, as I was on my way to work I would always notice what the women and men in Washington were wearing both good and bad. I decided 10+ years into my career in Finance to professionally invest in my creative side. For years I’ve come up with simple formulas for dressing that are stylish, comfortable, and can be easily transformed into life outside of work. Friends and family have always asked me to pick cool clothes out for them–it’s just in me. Since then I’ve realized that my natural talents needed to be nurtured. On New Year’s Day of 2012 I decided to close my eyes and live this dream. Within 6 months I’ve been up and down the East Coast working behind the scenes in various Fashion weeks and Fashion shows.After getting a taste of the DC and Philly fashion scene. In March of 2013 I decided to attend School of Style in Lower East Side Manhattan, where I learned the business aspect of industry styling. And now summer of 2013, I’m embarking on my next journey a fashion business internship in Milan! I am so grateful for this opportunity, to be submerged in Milan’s fashion world for 9 weeks with 18 strangers learning and speaking the language, interning with a leading Showroom that specializes in the brokerage of luxury goods and mens/womens ready to wear.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Milano!

  1. What a fun speedy car trip that was and I was thrilled to welcome you to one of my favorite cities in the world — Milano. I hit three airports that afternoon/evening — Linate to Malpensa to Cairo International!

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