What to Wear While Interning in Milan

The Look- Milan Interns courtesy of Refinery 29

The Look- Milan Interns courtesy of Refinery 29

 Interning in Milano, I thought I would  have to chip into the savings to have the best wardrobe in the building! Not so, first of all understand this, most people from Milan and Italy in general have seen every upscale designer there is and are quite familiar with what is on trend. So I saved myself the trouble, there is no impressing these people! In fashion there is a lot of moving around, so fitted slacks or dark jeans with a blazer and your choice of ballet slippers or wedge heel is quite acceptable. So I went out and snagged the cutest pair of cream colored Nike Blazers on sale and did a very casual, yet professional everyday work look. Check out my pict!

Me in Florence wearing my "flexible" intern look

Me in Florence wearing my “flexible” intern look

While here I’ve been noticing lots of sheer tops , exposing bra straps, tummies, backs, and cleavage. I personally have never been a fan of a lot of skin in the work place, but here the women wear this look bold and unapologetically, even well past 40! I came with an arsenal of casual dresses with sandals, pieces I could simply dress up or dress down. The key is having basics that you can play with!

Women here for the most part wear little to no make-up especially in the summer months. So I just went with it, adding some light coverage to disguise a few blemishes and a little mascara or eyeliner to make the eyes pop. As far as the lips, tired of nudes? You can pull a bold red, they appreciate that sort of a thing here! The key is watch what everyone else is wearing and wear something comparable, if you can take an old classic and put a new spin to it EVEN BETTER! In Milan showrooms, most of the working fashionistas are on a tight budget, so people can appreciate when you pull something  together that’s “shabby yet chic”.  

Pearls with a fitted grey t-shirt anyone? 



Hi I’m Toya. I was born and raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Fashion has been calling me for years now, as I was on my way to work I would always notice what the women and men in Washington were wearing both good and bad. I decided 10+ years into my career in Finance to professionally invest in my creative side. For years I’ve come up with simple formulas for dressing that are stylish, comfortable, and can be easily transformed into life outside of work. Friends and family have always asked me to pick cool clothes out for them–it’s just in me. Since then I’ve realized that my natural talents needed to be nurtured. On New Year’s Day of 2012 I decided to close my eyes and live this dream. Within 6 months I’ve been up and down the East Coast working behind the scenes in various Fashion weeks and Fashion shows.After getting a taste of the DC and Philly fashion scene. In March of 2013 I decided to attend School of Style in Lower East Side Manhattan, where I learned the business aspect of industry styling. And now summer of 2013, I’m embarking on my next journey a fashion business internship in Milan! I am so grateful for this opportunity, to be submerged in Milan’s fashion world for 9 weeks with 18 strangers learning and speaking the language, interning with a leading Showroom that specializes in the brokerage of luxury goods and mens/womens ready to wear.
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2 Responses to What to Wear While Interning in Milan

  1. patwa says:

    Really like those ready to wear, dress up, dress down looks for work. Flexible for after work art gallery openings or meeting friends at cafe.

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