Sacrestia via Conchetta, 20 Milano

Dancing all night at Sacrestia in Milano

Dancing all night at Sacrestia in Milano

I just had a flash back!

How could I have forgotten to write about this place? One of my most precious Milano moments; Friday Nights at Sacrestia Milano!
The epitome of Hipster, Cool, Eclectic, Live, and Uncut. This is where you wanna be to get into the live music scene in Italy.
Promoter DJ Guitarist FLY-GUY Niccolo Bonazzon invited us to a live musical showcase at the club. We danced all night and sang along to songs we could barely understand! The drinks were strong, the band sounded great! Onlookers saw that we were having a great time and decided to join in. It was perfect we each only knew a little bit of each other’s language, but we managed to communicate through smiles and lots of laughter.

We got in a circle and everyone just did something crazy just to do it! There are only a few moments in life where you actually experience that level of freedom, and that was MY MOMENT! I don’t even think I had shoes on (Ha!) Later that night Niccolo came from behind the dj booth and grabbed his guitar, the band was done for the night, we didn’t want the party to stop, so we just made our own music!

If you come to Milano you have to wind up here ….talkin about making a memory. Oh What A Night!



Hi I’m Toya. I was born and raised in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Fashion has been calling me for years now, as I was on my way to work I would always notice what the women and men in Washington were wearing both good and bad. I decided 10+ years into my career in Finance to professionally invest in my creative side. For years I’ve come up with simple formulas for dressing that are stylish, comfortable, and can be easily transformed into life outside of work. Friends and family have always asked me to pick cool clothes out for them–it’s just in me. Since then I’ve realized that my natural talents needed to be nurtured. On New Year’s Day of 2012 I decided to close my eyes and live this dream. Within 6 months I’ve been up and down the East Coast working behind the scenes in various Fashion weeks and Fashion shows.After getting a taste of the DC and Philly fashion scene. In March of 2013 I decided to attend School of Style in Lower East Side Manhattan, where I learned the business aspect of industry styling. And now summer of 2013, I’m embarking on my next journey a fashion business internship in Milan! I am so grateful for this opportunity, to be submerged in Milan’s fashion world for 9 weeks with 18 strangers learning and speaking the language, interning with a leading Showroom that specializes in the brokerage of luxury goods and mens/womens ready to wear.
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7 Responses to Sacrestia via Conchetta, 20 Milano

  1. Great post, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the post,

  2. patwa says:

    wooHoo – was the place a church before! the scene looks amazing!~~

    • TJSTYLES says:

      That’s a good question as the decor is very distinct.No telling what it has been in the past, lots of mystery in Italy surrounding older spaces. But do I know for a fact that the structure and fixtures were original not manufactured to look that way.

  3. aragwar30 says:

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    xoxo Akinyi

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